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Rise & Shine Discount Tucson

Rise & Shine details

Rise & Shine Discount is valid through the month of March 2022.

Discounted prices are only for massage treatments during our morning shift: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.

60-minute massages: $65.00 *the latest accepted appointment would be at 12:00 pm.

90-minute massages: $90.00 *the latest accepted appointment would be at 11:30 am.

Our Current
Covid-19 Office Protocol
updated 12/1/2021

Safety Mask


  • NO walk-ins at this time

  • Yes we take same-day appointments

  • Appointments can be scheduled by phone or online.

  • If you have been exposed to Covid-19 we ask that you do not visit us for treatment until you have been tested.



  • The office will be sanitized every morning and in between each client as needed

  • Merch equipment is cleaned after every use

  • The bathroom will be sanitized after each use


Office Protocol:

  • Wearing a mask is required when in the front office area. Everyone on our staff wears a protective face mask.

  • Clients are welcome to check-in and ask to be paired with a vaccinated therapist. 

  • Please arrive on time so you can continue directly to your treatment room without delay.

  • We space out our appointments so that you have plenty of time to use the restroom and our therapists have ample time to clean and sanitize your room. Please help us stay on track by arriving on time.


COVID-19 Disclaimer & Consent Form:

  • We'll be asking all clients to sign a one-time Covid-19 waiver prior to your treatment.  

The Benefits of Massage

Massage Therapy is a type of bodywork involving hands-on techniques to increase circulation, reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, and promotes relaxation throughout the entire body. Additional benefits of massage include reduced anxiety and blood pressure, and better quality of sleep. Integrative massage offers these benefits and so much more.

The Right Touch

Integrative Massage Treatments

Our skilled therapists integrate Swedish massage with other specific techniques to create an individualized treatment. Clients may request light, moderate or deep pressure. Each session is organized around the clients needs and goals for maximum relaxation and therapeutic results. All therapeutic treatments at The Right Touch have the same pricing. 

What They Say

Massage services at The Right Touch are soothing for the soul and healing for the body. Friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and always ready to meet my needs, the massage therapists provide the best service/treatment that I have valued for over seven years. The best medicine money can buy!

I have been a client at The Right Touch for over 20 years. The technical and practical aspects of the service I've received has been excellent.


I have greatly benefitted from massage therapy at The Right Touch. I frequently have back spasms and the hot and cold treatments on my back have helped me. Also, I have Restless Leg Syndrome and massaging my legs has tremendously helped me with the 'pain.' I recommend The Right Touch Massage Therapy wholeheartedly.


I had received a gift certificate as a present for a massage package here and had not heard of this place before. I am very glad I was introduced! I met my massage therapist whom I went on to see many times over the next 2 years. She really helped me work through some old injuries and loosened some thick surgery scars I had that was causing me some discomfort. She had a wealth of knowledge in her field and was incredibly warm and caring. The atmosphere is very calm and professional and they have many services available as well as some products. The intimate nature of the office is inviting and unrushed and you feel very well taken care of.股票十倍杠杆正规平台 - 十大正规实盘配资平台-安 - 股票交易软件下载 - 网上股票配资-配资公司- - 股票交易平台-期货配资公 - 最快期货配资实盘交易-最 -